MENA Union (MENAU); sustainable substitution for the current sophisticated regional conflicts or the prognosticated future – part 2

MENA Union (MENAU); sustainable substitution for the current sophisticated regional conflicts or the prognosticated future - part 2

Refugeesimmigration and population
By more than 12 million refugeesMENA has demonstrated the major share in the number of the people displaced by violence or persecutionthe number of unaccompanied child refugees and also the percentage of people hosted by countries in the developed world. In an account of that, the immigration rate and the number of refugees in other countries have been affected by the crisis in the region. (UNHCR’s statistics)
MENAU can even be prepared as an appropriate response to Africa as one of the next hot spots of the population in the next decades which will have the opportunity to interact for its future challenges. 
By defining the core values based on the humanityMENA Union (MENAU) can have the executive privilege to walk into the constructive path of empowering human rights and globalization; practical deed against anti-racism (e.g. against anti-Semitism, against anti-Christians, against anti-Muslims, etc.). Significant new opportunity for the people of the region to remain and live in the secured region instead of leaving; a platform for fundamental and sustainable peace.
Immigration talents such as Zaha Hadid and Steve Jobs (FYI: he has Middle Eastern ancestors.) were the samples of the rich human resources of the region. There aren’t accurate data resources about the number of the other possible talents that have been killed during pervious regional wars or conflicts as a penance of leader’s mismanagement. 
(Notice: The importance of the environment as the fundamental factor to unleash the talent’s potentials.)
Education, economic cooperation, judicial independence, investments in the opportunities, healthcare, civil society organizations, human rights, freedom of press, tourism, climate change, governance, the justice system, water and wastewater management, essential infrastructures, entrepreneurship and innovation are the next issues which can also be followed regionally and after the primary experiences of collaborations.
International Leaders in demands
Lack of epistemology of the international leadership concept as a major component of the development is one of the key factors which causes an enormous obstruction for the strategic reform at the region. Lack of governessinvestment in the right way, collaborationentrepreneurship and innovation, employment rate, the opportunity for the people are the oblique pieces of evidence and repercussions of the current style leadership. 
Technically by the current leadership’s approach, the long-term pattern of growth in the region will be one of the volatility, rising and falling with the price of oil and high unemployment rates.
The components of the recommended leadership style which should be characterized by the policymakers of the region can perfectly summarize in the integrated multi-style leadership which combines autocratic, democratic, strategic, transformational, coaching, laissez-faire and charismatic leadership styles base on core the significant values, such as living diversity, activating young generation leadership, striving for excellence, demonstrating integrity, regional and international participation and acting sustainably. 
International empathy and logical perspective are other major elements of the leadership skills which must be legerdemain. The region needs to use and educate modern responsible leaders which can demonstrate integrity; instead of more combatants.
According to the Simon Sinek ’s golden circle and with respect to the finite and infinite games, our plans to help the nations to find their own“ Why” based on humanityrespect to the diversificationpublic commitments before the defined and tension creator “why”  will always be the privilege for all humankind.