MENA Union (MENAU); sustainable substitution for the current sophisticated regional conflicts or the prognosticated future – part 1

MENA Union (MENAU); sustainable substitution for the current sophisticated regional conflicts or the prognosticated future - part 1

Despite all of the iconic leadership institutes and the UN’s prestigious efforts to educate young leaders all around the world to implement practical methods of the leadership, MENA region hasn't followed that pathway effectively which caused numerous undeniable catastrophe. Tens of thousands of the UN’s projects have been executed across the world but it’s still too far from the utopia that we deserve in the 21st century. By far, every single pathway to the collaboration turned into a flash in the pan and all of the possible scenarios might happen in the future.
Like any other scientific phenomena, getting the privilege from the historical data to enrich MENA region with the civilized maturity and prevent from unnecessary interminable and unlimited conflicts with respect to the holistic approach to the type of the eminent collaborations that European countries have already gained after WW2 can be useful. European countries as the main victim of the voracious appetite of racism can be responsible for the transition of the experiences to other communities and indoctrinate them to the new version of sustainable peace. 
By a synoptic review on the successful business models, we can also deliver the essential principles and spirits to realize the comprehensive platform for the future policies of the region. Exclusive assessments of the multinational companies demonstrate the in discriminated approaches in various terms of organizational behaviors, HR, talent management, resources, social responsibilities, marketing, business development and R&D that can be the general unified educational platform that prioritizes the elements to the logical perspectives.
Due to the vicissitudes of incontrovertible tensions, global communities need to program and implement the universal plan urgently. The rescue mission for today’s vexatious condition to empower and engage the current leaders, communities and even the young generations before squeamish consequences of the next regional or global conflicts, is absolutely urgent.
Stentorian metamorphosis; permanent peaceful solution
MENA Union (MENAU) is the initial step to garner different parties on one table to reach non-partisan solutions for the current unlimited conflicts and ambiguous situation while defines a new comprehensive platform for unity; instead of separated nondescript multilateral agreements and antithetical lobbies which has been neglected constantly by the other side of the inconclusive equations.
Undoubtedly, MENAU can prepare the propitious blueprint of regional development and reforms; the framework for unleashing the economic potentials and moderate the national chauvinisms base on the mutual interests in the region. The multicultural platform of the pragmatic actions; a unique pathway of admittance to the globalization.
Systemized negotiations, free trade agreements, technology and transitions of experiences, scientific researches, decreasing the military operations & costs, security collaborations, control the surreptitious military actions, cessation of the escalations, guarantee for the shipping terrific, even prevention from retaliation, monopolizations, megalomanias & maladministration are other advantages of the establishment of this significant and necessary union.
MENAU will also obliterate the edifice of racism, discrimination and devastations while preventing from jeopardizing the investments and interests by the security cooperation. It can also balance the opportunities in the entire region for further signs of progress which can demonstrate to the people of the region that they can easily chase mutual dreams and mutual destiny by cooperation. In fact, almost responsive policies based on retaliation will just cause another widespread high-cost war, hates and additional obstruction to pour the oil on the troubled water.
Energy policies; the platform for the global development
In term of the energy policies and with respect to consumption’s trends, the average of oil reservoirs will limit to the next century and probably by inadequate unsuccessful investment on renewable energies, we are making an unconscionable future for the next generations.
In addition to the solar and the wind energies, ostensible nuclear energy demands, have been increased in last the decades. Therefore, the global and regional management of these trends in the most peaceful and efficient way is one the planning and responsibilities issues which must be managed accurately.
MENAU can certainly stipulate these demands by different substitutional program and collaboration with IAEA, IAEA board of governance, UN Security Council and OPEC to prevent ambivalent actions consummately.
Global energy policies will also preclude from the perpetuation of the nuclear competition regionally and globally. Confinement of the oil industries’ revenue to the sustainable development’s investment can also be another energy and security policy which can be implemented by the MENAU.

US, UK, EU as a different side of the aisle and the main investors, have the prerogative to secure the region for their remunerative interests and can inspire and empower their own parties to engage with MENAU and end these unlimited wars . In the account of the prodigious multicultural environment of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, they have also the potentials to implement the required system in MENAU to alleviate past suffers for the people in the region democratically.
IMF’s validation will also guarantee the essential credits for the performances, plans, fundamental peace, and welfare while reducintion of the investment's risks.